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March 8, 2012

All People Quilt Internet Radio show

Are you familar with All People Quilt website?  Well, yesterday I had the chance to listen to my IPOD and I love to listen to quilting podcasts.  I listened to the show from 2-13-12 and Pat Sloan (who is the host) interviewed 4 very interesting quilt designers or bloggers.  I just love to listed to her interviews because she talks to ordinary people like us, who have built and created these amazing internet quilt communities.  I feel so inspired when I hear them talk about how or why they got into quilting and how they wanted to find friends that have the same interests in quilting and talking about quilting and get excited about fabric and patterns and well, that's why I decided to create my blog in hopes of finding friends to quilt along with and get to know.  So if you haven't been to this website, I would highly recommend it.  It is filled with tons of quilting information, tutorials, patterns and...Why don't you try it and please drop me a line and tell me what you think.  I'm thinking about joining Sew Take a Hike's flicker quilting group that started March 1st.  Hope to see you there!!
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