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March 10, 2012

I just discovered a cute little Flickr group by  Quirky Granola Girl. 
I just love quilts that have little houses in them, and I came across Melinda's group and wanted to share it with you.  Her tutorial's are wonderful and easy to follow.   I am putting this here so I remember to visit there often. 

Melinda also created an October Orchard Themed block, also on Flickr, which has the most adorable canner with canning jars.  This is such a cute block, you must go to her blog to see it. 

She has "the best tutorials", visit her at


  1. how sweet are you? i'm flattered that you posted about my little blog here :)

    1. Your welcome, I love your blog and all the information you provide and wanted to share it with my 3 followers (hehe)! Your tutorials are fabulous, thank you for all that you do. I'd like to provide a tutorial on my blog some day.