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March 13, 2012

A bouquet of flowers for Kristen

In January I posted that I decided to make each of my co-workers a "fabric birthday card"  and today was Kristen's birthday and I made her this fabric card/hanging picture or what ever you want to call it.  I do try to use fabric or designs I think the person I am making the gift for will like, that's why I choose these sort of muted colors.

I made this from a book I purchased by "Lynette Anderson" and here is her book.

She has the most adorable projects in here and I would highly recommend this book if you like embroidery and applique (which are 2 of my most favorite things to do)!  This flowerpot picture is just 1 of 9 different squares of a "Garden Scenes Quilt."  I would put up a copy of the quilt or page from the book, but I'm not sure if (due to copyright rules) I should do that or not.   So I am airing on the side of caution, however, if anyone knows anything about this, please leave me a comment.


  1. Your stitching is gorgeous!!! If you give credit to the picture and don't use it for commercial use it's Ok. If you were to post her picture and pass it off as your own (which I know you wouldn't do but just giving an example) then it would be a NoNo but as long as you credit it back to the author and tell how to find the book your good. if the author has a web site or blog always link it back to that.

  2. Tip,
    You will have more comments if you turn off the word verification on your comments. Do you know how to do that? I'll help if you need. I love your dolls by the way!!
    Gmama Jane